Women In Fantasy

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Women In Fantasy

by | Jan 30, 2023


Tired of female characters in fantasy who exist only as targets of male aggression, or to demonstrate the evil and conniving nature of women? (Think Game of Thrones.) 

Yeah, me too.

Western culture, based on Judaeo-Christian values and literature, has traditionally cast women into one of only two available roles: Madonna or Whore. Incorruptible Saint or Irredeemable Sinner.

This is changing. Women are both reading and writing fantasy, and creating more credible female characters. Huzzah!

I write complex characters, male and female, who are not defined by sexual status, activity, or preference.

Another peeve is body type. Why are so many women and girls portrayed as melon breasted, hand-span waisted, and flared hipped? A body shape only achievable in real life by the use of expensive and physically restrictive corsetry.

Annie Weaver wears DragonSkin tunic and trousers for protection and ease of movement, with DragonSkin boots for speed. No male-gaze bondage outfits here.

While I’m in rant mode, let me mention hair. I’ve never fought in my life unless you count grappling childproof containers, but even I know long, loose hair whirling around your head is a disadvantage. An assailant will grab your mane and wrench. Fight over.

This cliche I couldn’t resist. As a fire-witch, Annie’s flaming red hair serves a dramatic and practical purpose. Not even the most addlepated would seize her fiery locks.

I’d love to hear your opinions on female representation in modern fantasy. What do you love or loathe? What do you want more of, and what would you eradicate?

Please leave comments below.

I give my sacred word I’ll read each one.

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