The Goddess Reborn DragonSkin I ebook

Fantastical whispers thread through the festival crowd. Are the rumours true? Southern deserts turned to glass? Northern cattle herds snap frozen?

The unthinkable is compounded by the impossible. Unbeliever Annie Weaver is ambushed by slave traders and rescued by a telepathic dragon who claims Annie is an incarnation of the missing Creator Goddess.

Annie risks more than her sanity if she cannot restore the real Goddess to her duties.

Creation will unravel and Annie will lose all she loves.

To enjoy a fast-paced action fantasy populated with authentic characters and unique creatures, check out The Goddess Reborn DragonSkin I.

10 reviews for The Goddess Reborn DragonSkin I ebook

  1. Mila Douglas (Author The Figs Mystery series)

    The Goddess Reborn Dragon Skin I by Sam Woodgarth, is a must-read epic fantasy that follows Annie Weaver, a textile artisan who teams up with a telepathic dragon to defeat an unhinged goddess.
    It’s refreshing to find a book with a strong yet feminine heroine—think Sansa in Game of Thrones.
    Woodgarth’s exceptional world-building skills rival those of Scott Lynch. Her fabulous wordsmithing brought the story’s locations to life and the unforgettable characters kept me reading long after dark.
    This debut book is a real page-turner, and is sure to leave you eagerly anticipating the next instalment in the series.

  2. Anne Mauger


    If you fancy an adventure in the realm of fantasy, you can’t go beyond this one. Rarely have I come across a writer so gifted in the subtleties of language. Every word paints a startlingly visual account that captures the very essence of the characters, while painting a powerful picture of both setting and plot.
    Quirky, and at times funny, if you’re into feminist fantasy (and I am) then this is definitely a book for you!

  3. Liz Little


    The main character is Annie, a courageous warrior woman with an instinctive understanding of dragons. She seeks knowledge, adventure and the restoration of a safe and fair world.

    Resourceful, brave, loyal and emotionally intelligent, Annie inspires her friends, human and animal, to heroic acts of their own. She recognises that an enemy’s aggression may come from a place of fear.

    Friendships need laughter and Annie loves to laugh. Yet, she is always ready with a pithy response to any ‘blatherskyte’ who dares to patronise her.

    This is an enchanted world which encompasses the unslinging of bows, drawing of swords and battles in harsh terrain. Every emotion has its own scent.

    The story reminds us to be courageous, have faith in ourselves, find the role we are suited for rather than the one others might wish upon us and always to hold our friends close in the journey.

    A magical and memorable story, beautifully written.

  4. Dr Aaron Darrell

    A Brilliant Debut by a Daring New Author

    I love Sam’s world because I always wanted to be a dragon and no sane person believes in dragons. I want to be Annie as she dreams of meeting new people and traveling to exotic places. I want to stride into that world side by side with uronks and Woodsmen, I want to be repulsed and intrigued by Chrithling as injustice is met with fire and the impossible becomes real. I want Annie’s life because Annie is beautiful, Annie is sane and Annie didn’t believe in dragons until she tickled one with knives.
    I want to be Annie because she has a duty, a calling and a choice that leads her to become… everything.
    Sam has created more than a book, Dragonskin is a universe that comes alive word by word and character by character.
    Join Annie’s quest, put on the dragonskin and fight for the only thing worth fighting for.
    Bring on DragonSkin 2. I want this reality.

  5. JL Nash

    The Goddess Reborn DragonSkin I is a rip-roaring adventure for any lovers of fantasy novels.
    An easy read and has you waiting for the sequel by the end.
    Likeable characters and often witty dialogue I thought it was lots of fun.
    A great book to curl up and read when the weather is bad .
    Enjoy. I did.

  6. Anthony Davies

    I’m a fan of the fantasy genre, especially G.O.T style high medieval fantasy; and I wasn’t disappointed by this rollicking romp through the Middle Kingdom and beyond. A fascinating and original concept is the thread one follows through Woodgarth’s rich tapestry of wordsmithing. Usually I speed read my way to a novel’s conclusion in a day or three, but I had to take this one a couple of chapters at a time, there was just so much to see, hear and even taste! Well worth a read for those of us who believe that if Dragons aren’t real, they should be!

  7. Helen Morris

    This is an amazing story.
    Annie is just the sort of person you want as a friend, strong , loyal and fair. She is surrounded by a great cast of characters who make her journey all the more interesting.

  8. Julie Burke

    I am loving Dragon Skin 1
    The story is so engrossing I can’t put it down and I am starting to worry how long I will need to wait for the next instalment. Everything about the book is quality from the story, plot, characters to the cover that has a lovely tactile feel and the paper is very good quality. Amazing work Sam Woodgrath keep writing your amazing stories I am hooked and will be on the top of the list for your next book.

  9. CE Harding

    Dragon Skin 1: The Goddess Reborn, was an epic fantasy novel – a deep but extremely enjoyable read. The book covers contemporary issues such as sexism, climate change, and equality, with a strong and powerful main character – Annie. Annie resonates with women today and serves as a role model for all.

    Furthermore, the book perfectly balances complex issues with comedy, fun, and adventure. I loved elements such as the telepathic dragon, Roic, who accompanies Annie throughout the text.

    Overall, an amazing and enthralling read – would highly recommend it.

  10. Martin

    Character building and onward progression of the story plot is amazing. All in all a great read even though it’s a long one. Would recommend reading it for any age group too!

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