Restoration DragonSkin II ebook

After eons of plotting, the malevolent Most High Lord Draqshet unleashes his minions in a diabolical bid for supremacy. Unaware of their true identities and desperate to secure favour, his servants clash with their own kin. Contemptuous of all life, Draqshet will crush the feeble and install a hierarchy of hatred. 

When rebellion brews within Annie's inner circle and friends turn against her, she must forge strange new alliances and navigate a path of truth through a thicket of deceit to defeat the Most High Lord Draqshet.

Fans of the mythic evil in Lim’s Six Crimson Cranes, and Sanderson’s expansive The Mistborn Saga will love Woodgarth’s DragonSkin series.

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  1. Fiona

    What a fantastic read. I loved not only the storyline, but how the storyline expands and builds upon smaller characters. Rather than focusing on the lead characters from book 1, smaller characters now take centre stage. Jenny, Xanderamm and Seth take over the lead reigns and the story expands from them. Old characters are revisited and their world just continues to grow. The prose is great, the story is paced well.
    And who doesn’t love a book with a bit of retribution. A thoroughly engrossing book and a great follow on in the series.

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