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Get The Girls Out by Lucy Bloom

I met Lucy, very briefly, at the Cairns Tropical Writers Festival. Unable to resist her aura, I approached her. Her instant response was, “We look like we should be friends.”

Get The Girls Out was a birthday gift from my husband and consumed within a single reading. Lucy’s raw honesty draws you in and you experience the highs and lows with her. I ran the full gamut of emotions and I’m still reeling. How one tiny woman can squeeze so much living into one lifetime is genuinely inspirational.

The world is richer for Lucy’s vibrant presence. Her authenticity is a bright beacon in the current climate of murky fake celebrity.

I recommend this book to anyone who dares to become their better self, and I look forward to a future where everyone strives to be as “ordinary” as The Lucy Bloom.

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Lucy Bloom & Sam Woodgarth holding their recently published books, smiling at the camera

Lucy & Sam


  1. Aerie

    Hi Sam – It’s Aerie the Library Lady here! Gave you a wee google and found your fabulous website. Looking forward to my first TW meet. Took your book home yesterday and after seeing the sites, I’m very excited to read it! See you in the stacks 🙂

    • Sam Woodgarth

      Hi Aerie, loved our chat and thrilled you’re coming to the writing group. Enjoy The Goddess Reborn, and spread the word 😁


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